Tabulka velikosti Sugoi



Sugoi Pro Fit Icons

Garments with a pro-fit designation are anatomically form fitted to the body for optimal performance and low wind drag.  These garments are ideally suited for runners and cyclists with lean athletic builds.

 Sugoi Semi Fit Icons 

Our semi-fit garments are designed to fit close to the body but not so tight that you’ll feel self conscious at the coffee shop when you’re picking up a post ride or run drink.  Suitable for a wide range of body types and offered in our most popular styles.

Sugoi Relaxed Fit Icons

Garments with a relaxed fit icon are designed to fit looser on your body – similar to how a t-shirt or board shorts would fit.  Relaxed fit garments are suitable for endomorphic body types and riders/runners seeking loose fit apparel for general fitness activity, trail riding, or low impact post-workout pursuits.

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